Worst Foods for Fat Loss

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Sugary food

Sugary food and drinks are the enemies not only because it causes tooth decay, has poor nutritional value, but sugar is detrimental when it comes to your weight loss goals.

It goes without saying to ditch the sugar in desserts, tea, coffee, and sodas. Be on the lookout for hidden sugars in bread, ketchup, and other foods.

Diet drinks and Beer

Yes, I said DIET drinks, including diet sodas.

These use artificial sweeteners and play tricks on our minds making us think they are better for us, but in reality, diet drinks will raise glucose and lower insulin responses which impact not only weight loss but is a cause for type 2 diabetes.

Beer, of course, will aid you in getting that beer gut. So, ditch the beer and other alcoholic beverages.

White Bread and Pasta

White Bread and pretzels are packed with sugars and are refined to the point that there is no nutritional value, and increases belly fat.

Refined pasta, just like white bread stores fat directly into your belly. The refining process robs pasta of all fiber and nutritional value.

Meats and Anything Fried

Processed meats like deli meats are a massive no-no in weight loss. These are filled with sodium, which will increase water weight retention, and have preservatives that are associated with obesity.

Fried chicken may sound like it’s a smart idea because it’s chicken, but frying foods remove all nutrients, cause inflammation and have advanced glycation end products which create a myriad of health and weight issues.

Ice Cream and Bottled Smoothies

Dairy products like ice cream and yogurt. That’s right the hidden sugars and carbohydrates are going to appease both your taste buds and cling to your fat cells.

Bottled smoothies and fruit drinks pack harmful additives, preservatives, and sugars, all of which lead to increased weight and in reality lead to obesity.


Granola and Granola bars that are store bought are packed with fat and add tons of sugar and hydrogenated oil, so they offer little to no protein value and create a false sense of fullness which makes you eat less of the fat burning foods that fuel weight loss.

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