10 Tips for a Healthier Year

5 minutes of happy reading. Enjoy!

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Eating healthy can be the biggest obstacle to overcome when trying to maintain a healthy weight, trust me, I get it!

Stopping in at my favorite drive-thru is just too tempting daily.

Sure, I always told myself I was going to grab a tea and be on my way, but before I knew it, I would be munching down on French fries and sipping on a 44 ounce Dr. Pepper.

1. Eat fruit about 20 minutes before a meal

I know this sounds a little off the wall, but eating fruit before a meal helps aid in digestion and also helps you feel fuller before the end of a meal.

This helps stave off that all too familiar craving for dessert after the main course, and gives that beautiful feeling of being able to eat dessert before the meal.

2. Breakfast is important

Eating a protein-rich breakfast is also key to eating right throughout the day.

By starting the morning off right, we can stay the course throughout the rest of the day.

3. Eat throughout the day

Have 5 or 6 small meals instead of the traditional three meals a day.

This keeps the metabolism racing throughout the day, but also allows us to stave off hunger, and not have those mid-day cravings.

4. Drink water

I know it’s like a broken record, but water, water, and more water.

It’s going to help you process your food, keep constipation at bay and sets the mood for healthy eating throughout the day.

Water is your first line of defense in all things unhealthy.

5. Don’t be intimidated about prepping meals

The thought of meal prep for so many of us is overwhelming. I promise it’s easier than one thinks though.

Most prep in weekly increments, which makes things so much easier.

This allows you to save time over the week and provides for healthier choices during the week.

6. Shopping list

The grocery list, visit the grocery store weekly. Make a list and stick to it.

Look over the menu before leaving the house, limit sugars and starches so that when you are at the store, you have fewer impulse purchases of those cupcakes on the bread aisle.

7. Drinks

If eating out avoid alcohol, soft drinks, and sugary drinks.

Stick with unsweet tea or water.

8. Find an accountability partner or partners

This is likely the best tool in the box, find those who not only support you, but that will keep you on track.

Join those who post those meals daily on social media and ask them to keep you accountable to staying healthy. Share your successes.

Not only will it increase your momentum but it might just inspire others to join you on the journey.

9. Eat seasonally, and eat fresh

Fruits and vegetables are grown in seasons, and these will be cheaper at the grocery stores and give you greater variety throughout the year.

10. Don’t allow negativity to affect you

Keep inspirational quotes and sayings in your wallet. When you feel tempted to have that ‘cheat’ candy bar, read the quote.

Shift your focus back to the goal.

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