How to Start your Monday Right

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You wait a whole week for the weekend. You love your weekend and try to make the most of it. Then comes Sunday night and you feel sad.

You don't feel like going to bed and waking up early the next morning. You feel anxious at the thought of starting the new week ahead.

Experts say that Monday blues is a myth. It’s the sadness we feel when our weekend is over.

Most of us go through an emotional shift between Sunday and Monday. This doesn’t mean that you can’t beat Monday Blues.

Here are some tips to start your Monday right

Why do You Get Monday Blues?

If you feel depressed every Monday, it’ time to think why you get Monday Blues. Your reason can be entirely different (or more serious) from your friends and co-workers.

Is it because you’re not happy with your job? Then find the job you love.

While paying your bills is necessary, you must do what you are best suited to do. Your job could be perfect for you, but there could be something else bothering you?

Do you have a modest salary and you feel demotivated? Your boss might be a bully, or you could be dealing with a negative co-worker.

Try solving these issues for your safety and better functioning. Fix the problems you have at your workplace. If you’re unable to do so, start looking for another one.

Prepare for Monday on Friday

Don’t be too eager to start your weekend by leaving work behind. Complete all your work on Friday, so that your Monday isn’t stressful.

Plan your Monday on Friday it will help you. Do that before you get up from work. Take notes that will help you remind what, when, and how you will complete your tasks on Monday if you know in advance.

  • You can use planning software to note down your Monday tasks.
  • Try making your notes and planners encouraging and positive.

Sleep Right

It’s good to make the most of your weekend, but don’t compromise on your sleep. After all, a Sunday night’s sleep is important to keep you fresh and active the next day.

You need proper sleep to start the week ahead.

  • Try not to have any drinks or caffeine before you sleep.
  • Don’t take your phone to bed.

Read a book instead.

Pretend You Love Mondays

Sounds crazy? How can you love it when the weekend is over? Give it a try. It’s a strategy that can help you.

When the anxiety and sadness take a toll on you on Sunday nights, tell yourself that it’s perfectly okay.

  • Look forward to the next day.
  • Try to feel enthusiastic about Monday.

If you can’t, then at least try to think of Monday like a normal routine day (which it is), rather than dreading it.

Do What You Love

  • Take out time to have lunch at your favorite place.
  • Read a book or meet a friend.


This can actually make you love Monday, and you’ll look forward to it.

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