Workout Quotes to Keep You Going

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Everyone has those days when we don’t want to work out.

Those mornings when we look outside, and see the weather and want to veg out binge Netflix and stay on the couch.

But, let’s face it sitting on our rumps doesn’t get us results. In those moments, we struggle to find the motivation to keep going.

Here are 50 quotes to help when that lazy bug whispers in our ear.

1.)    No Train. No Gain.

2.)    I don’t stop when I’m tired. I stop when I am done.

3.)    The pain you feel today will be the strength you need tomorrow.

4.)    My desire to change is greater than my desire to stay the same.

5.)    The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.

6.)    Sweat is just fat tears.

7.)    Excuses don’t burn calories.

8.)    When I exercise, I wear black. It’s like a funeral for my fat.

9.)    It never gets easier. You just get better.

10.)    Summer body in progress.

11.)    Make your body the sexiest outfit you own.

12.)    Train like a Beast. Look like a Beauty.

13.)    Results are created outside your comfort zone.

14.)    It’s not about being the best. It’s about being the most committed.

15.)    Train insane or remain the same

16.)    Dear Fat, my name is _____. Prepare To Die.

17.)    Fitness is like a marriage; you can’t cheat on it and expect It to work

18.)    You can’t spell LEGENDARY without LEG DAY.

19.)    Better to fight for something than to live for nothing.

20.)    You will get enough sleep when you’re dead

21.)    It’s not really that I love to work out, it’s just that I hate to feel fat.

22.)    My feet hurt from kicking so much ass.

23.)    You said tomorrow yesterday.

24.)    Rome wasn’t built in one day. They worked on it EVERY DAY.

25.)    You don’t find will power; you create it.

26.)    My quiet time involves heavy metals.

27.)    Lazy is not an option.

28.)    Hakuna Masquata. It means nice booty all the rest of your days.

29.)    The more you work out the weaker his knees get.

30.)    Tired of starting over? Stop giving up.

31.)    This may hurt today, but one day it will be my warm up.

32.)    Champions train. Losers complain.

33.)    Today’s actions are tomorrow’s results.

34.)    The best project you will ever work on is yourself.

35.)    Suck it up now so you don’t have to suck it in later.

36.)    Slow progress is better than no progress.

37.)    When in doubt work out.

38.)    Squad Squat Goals.

39.)    I don’t use machines. I build them.

40.)    Beast Mode: ON.

41.)    My gym is my church. My sweat is my prayers. My strength is my salvation.

42.)    Stop saying I wish and start saying I do.

43.)    Wednesday is hump day. But every day is a pump day.

44.)    Hustle hard. Stay humble

45.)    Let the Gains Begin

46.)    The iron never lies.

47.)    Train until your idols become your rivals.

48.)    Forget “Keep Calm”. Lift Hard.

49.)    Consistent. Persistent. Resilient.

50.)    Pain + Passion = Progress

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