Resetting Your Brain to Productivity

5 minutes of happy reading. Enjoy!

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It’s 1 in the afternoon. I look at my desk and realize that I have not completed a single task on my agenda for the day.

Each time I sit down, I’m called away, or my mind starts wondering to all the other things that I could be doing.

I realize I have had yet another unproductive day.

Life hacks to reset the brain

We’ve all been there, and it makes us know that we need life hacks to reset the brain, do double the work and turn the unproductive morning into a productive afternoon.

But how do we do this?


I know this sounds counterproductive but refocus by stepping away for a moment and regroup.

The best thing for me is to get down and do a few push-ups followed by a few sit-ups.

This allows endorphins to release, energize me and bring me back to a need to accomplish things.

Turn off social media

I know, this is so difficult, but you won’t regret turning off the phone or logging out of FaceBook for a few hours.

After all, if it’s an emergency, your friends and family will call and not text you.

That FaceBook and Instagram post isn’t going anywhere, and you can always share and like posts in the evening hours after your work is done.

Take in a deep breath

Spend a full minute just realigning your thoughts to being productive. Even most of our smartwatches are programmed with this life hack.

Taking a moment to just breath not only resets the mind, allows us to focus but also creates a calming and peaceful feeling enabling a better quality of work due to increased oxygen flow to our brains.

Take a moment

Yes, it’s already a work in progress, but it never hurts to take a step back, reevaluate and break that big goal down into smaller tasks.

Take this more trivial task and create a list of them, allow yourself to mark these off as you go which tricks your brain into getting back into that productive mindset, and lets you see what you are accomplishing.

Work in 90-minute increments

Have you ever wondered why schools change subjects about every hour to an hour and a half?

It’s because an alarming amount of research shows that our brains work in 90-minute cycles.

These cycles have about a 10 to 20-minute break in between each one. When we work with our minds and not against it, we are creating an atmosphere of focus and clarity.

It helps reduce brain fog and increases memory.


Create a list and organize by priority things that need to be accomplished.

Take the items that take 2 minutes or less to do and get those completed right away.

Of course, triage the list into priority items and categories.

Do the higher priority tasks and do these as soon as you finish the 2-minute items.

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