Will Probiotics Really Help You Lose Weight?

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There are many tips, diet and hacks for losing weight. You must have heard that eating certain foods will help you lose more weight. One of these foods includes probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that are good for your digestion.

Yogurt and other fermented foods have probiotics in them. The good bacteria in your gut improve digestion and provide other benefits to your body that reduces weight. Let’s take a look at some of those benefits.

The Good vs. Bad Bacteria

Bacteria in your gut are constantly competing. The competition is basically between good bacteria and the bad ones. People who are fit and healthy have more good bacteria in their gut than the bad ones.

People with weight and health issues have more bad bacteria. If this is the case with you, then you need more probiotics for a healthy gut.

Nutrient Absorption

You must be thinking what probiotics do to improve your gut digestion. They improve your nutrient absorption. Gut bacteria help with digestion by breaking down food molecules which your body can’t.

The food is then quickly digested and absorbed into your bloodstream to provide you with nutrition. Probiotics also produce enzymes, vitamins, and fatty acids that aid in the quick digestion and good metabolism.

So, how improving digestion helps in losing body weight? With quick digestion, not only your metabolism speeds up, but you feel full, and your hunger is satisfied as well.

If you have few probiotics in your gut, you’re unable to absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat, fully. Even if you eat healthily, your body may not get adequate nutrition.

Hormone Regulation

Probiotics not only make you feel full through better nutrient absorption. They regulate your hormones as well. They affect the production of a hormone called leptin.

Leptin sends signals to the brain to control how full you feel. The more fat your body has the more leptin is produced. If you are overweight, there is too much production of leptin.

The overproduction of this hormone affects your brain and you don’t feel full. You eat more as a result. Probiotics improve leptin sensitivity by regulating its production.

Blood Sugar Regulation

When your blood has too much sugar after you eat, your insulin levels increase. As a result, more sugar is converted to excess fats and glycogen. When this happens, your body burns fewer fats.

Probiotics can regulate your blood sugar by improving insulin sensitivity.

Reduced Inflammation

Too much inflammation in your body can cause risks, like high sugar level, high cholesterol, and blood pressure. Probiotics reduce inflammation in your body.

The probiotics line your gut and act as a barrier to harmful substances and keep them from entering your bloodstream. If your gut lacks probiotics, toxins and inflammatory molecules can enter, causing allergic reactions and weight gain.


To stay healthy and lose weight, you need to maintain a healthy gut by eating foods rich in probiotics. You can get your gut bacteria working to help you lose weight.

Along with probiotics, consume fiber-rich food. Avoid taking unnecessary antibiotics as they can kill some of the probiotics in your body.

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