Pregnancy Exercises: Dos and Don’ts

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If you’re an expectant mother, you must know that motherhood comes with a plethora of concerns.

Many studies have shown the importance of exercise for women who are at different stages of pregnancy.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), has debunked the notion that exercise increases the health risks for both women and fetus.

Also, it states that exercise is not only safe but also has no risk of premature delivery, miscarriage and low birth weight for females with normal pregnancies.

However, it is important to take precautions as not all pregnancies are the same and it depends on your health.

For example, if you suffer from a certain medical condition, such as: diabetes, asthma, and heart disease, rigorous exercises are not recommended.

That is what makes finding suitable exercises to eliminate the risks to your baby very important; experts suggest some specific exercises that are ideal for pregnant women.

With that in mind, here we include some dos and don’ts in terms of exercises for pregnant women.

Safe and Healthy Pregnancy Exercises

Brisk Walk

A walk helps with all health conditions.

If your pre-pregnancy exercise level is low, start with a short stroll around the block to take a light start. It is a light but healthy cardiovascular workout and won’t have much impact on your ankles and knees.

So, take out some time to stroll around.


Swimming is an excellent way to provide a good range of motion to your body parts.

The fun exercise doesn't only help you release stress but also doesn’t put pressure on your joints.

Plus, buoyancy in the water helps expecting mother get relief from sore muscles.

Stationary Cycling

Commonly known as spinning, stationary cycling is another safe and easy exercise that all pregnant women can do.

If you have never tried this exercise, don’t worry because this exercise is especially good for first-time exercisers.

It improves heart rate and does not put much stress on your muscles and joints.


You might have heard that before that yoga is no doubt one of the best pregnancy exercises.

Taking parental yoga classes throughout your pregnancy is considered effective for the delivery time.

It helps maintain flexibility while keeping the joints limber. Plus, yoga is great to strengthen pregnant woman’s muscles, enhance relaxation, and stimulate blood circulation.

Also, it keeps the blood pressure stable during pregnancy.

Exercises to avoid during Pregnancy

Weight lifting

Unless you’re an expert weight lifter, athlete, or have been doing strength training, avoid lifting weights, especially if it’s your second trimester.

And if you really want to do that, do not lift more than 15 Ibs. It may cause instability due to the baby bump.

As your balance changes, there is a risk of falling and getting injured.

Abdominal Moves

Any abdominal moves that involve double leg lifting and pulling will put pressure on your abdomen.

Avoiding them is best if you are pregnant.

Contortions and Back Bends

All movements that specifically involve deep joints extension or flexion, like knee bends, may increase the risk of injury, so avoid them.

Bouncing, Jumping, and Jerky Motions

It is best to avoid these kinds of exercises as they cause disruption in the baby’s position and can be dangerous.

Final Thoughts

Overall, your baby’s and your health is important, no matter what exercise you choose.

That is why it is important that you discuss your health condition and opt for safe exercises.

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