Things to do after a workout

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Let’s get the most of our workout by making sure that we take a few extra steps after the workout. For these, I consider these top tips part of my daily workout routine.

The proper cool down

Hands down this is the most important after workout routines.

Make sure that you are cooling down after that workout. It not only increases your endurance in the long run, and ensures your muscles to slowly come to resting state which will decrease after workout muscle aches and pains and decrease recovery time.

Cooling down can incorporate stretching, or my absolute favorite, the foam roll.

Water, water, and more water

After drinking that recovery drink load up on water. I can’t say enough for hydrating those tired muscles and replenishing lost fluids and promoting muscle recovery even further.

Garb lukewarm water to help with the hydration of those muscles and ice water to help increase fat burning within the body.

After workout massage

If you haven’t tried a foam roll for rubbing down those muscles after a stretch, I highly recommend it! This $20 toll is an absolute must-have in your after workout routine.

Not only is this like getting an after workout massage, working out all those knots and kinks in your muscle groups is heavenly after a hard workout. Not only will it save you money, but it will also become the after work out addiction you crave.

Carbs, Proteins and Antioxidants

Have a small meal or snack right after your workup. Carbs are going to fuel you with energy, and proteins are going to give you even extra amino acids to support that muscle growth and help with recovery periods.

Antioxidants like those found in a cherry juice will help moderate muscle soreness throughout the day.

Supplement correctly

Grab that recovery supplement and drink up! Find a recovery supplement with L-arginine, CoQ10, Glutamine, and Amino Acids labeled as BCAAs.

Cold refreshing shower

Grab that post-workout snack, drink your supplement, and then hit the shower. Showering will not just rid the body of sweat and smell, but there are so many more benefits to that refreshing shower. Have you noticed that we see athletes ice after a hard game?

That refreshing shower is going to help lower your body temperature and close nerve endings and increase circulation to lower pain reception in the body.

The best benefits though are that it will help your body fight off sicknesses, and increase fat burn because the body will be burning calories to keep the body warm rather than storing them in fat cells.

Change clothes

This is something we all see in the gym; someone hits the shower and puts back on their workout clothes.

Make sure that you aren’t putting back on wet clothing as damp clothes can promote fungal growth, yeast and bacteria on the skin, which can lead to sickness and not being able to return to the gym.

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