Break Through the Fat Loss Plateau

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For anyone trying to lose weight, we are all too familiar with the feared fat loss plateau.

With a few tips though, one can break through and get their body back on the right track.

Balance Caloric Intake

Stop looking at calorie counts throughout the day and banking those calories for a more substantial meal in the evening.

Instead, balance caloric intake throughout the day. Which will allow for metabolism to work evenly throughout the day.

Increase Protein and Cut Back on Carbs. Protein will give your metabolism an extra boost while cutting carbs will help lower ketones, which also will increase metabolism.

Keep Track of Your Meals

Get an app to help you keep track of your meals, and to record your portions for the most significant benefit.

Make sure that you keep track of exercise, snacks, and even your daily drinks.

This will make sure that your exercise routine is calculated to maximize your daily burned calories and intake calories.

Water and Drinks

Drink a large glass of ice water before eating a meal. This will not only help you feel fuller faster, and the ice will speed your metabolism through the process of bringing the water to body temperature.

Put up the liquor, beer, and wine. These are often packed with sugar, which can lead to overeating, and most beer is loaded with carbs which stall your weight loss efforts drastically.

Turn cheat day into cheat item

Instead of binging one day a week with the notorious cheat day, try only having one thing a week that strays from preplanned meals.

Use this as a reward for being good throughout the week. This can include the coveted glass of wine or that piece of chocolate cake you have been craving.

Cardio and Sleep

Take a long look at your cardio routine, if you are doing the same 30 minutes on the treadmill daily add 5 minutes or increase your intensity.

Check your sleep habits, are you getting the solid 8 hours that are needed to recoup from your work out and activity? It’s proven that those who get less than 6 hours of sleep a night can lower metabolic rates by over 2%.

Check your Portions

Perhaps you are eating the right things, but just having too much every day.

While this will ensure that you are getting the most of nutritional values, it can wreak havoc in your caloric intake.

Make sure that you are measuring out your portions and portioning out meals appropriately throughout the day.

If none of the above work, do nothing.

That’s right; I said, do nothing. Stop dieting for 72 hours.

Don’t binge eat, but take 72 hours with no diet, or exercise and then jump right back into the routine one the 4th day.

This will allow your body to be ‘shocked’ enough so that it will start losing weight again, and you will start seeing results.

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