Night Owl No More

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My Experience

If you are anything like me, your mind won't stop going at night. I always feel more productive in the evening hours, and it takes me about 3 hours to get out of bed every day.

I've trained myself, though to be more of a morning bird rather than a night owl.

With a few subtle mind tricks, I know you can too.

Smart Alarms

Speaking of smart alarms, there are tons of apps that make waking up fun.

  • For math lovers, there is Math Alarm. This is an app available that allows you to answer a series of scientific questions and equations to help stimulate the brain and get you going in the morning.
  • For those who are addicted to gaming, there is AlarmMon as well which allows you to play mini-games as you wake up, offers a lot of alarm sounds and includes adorable sticker options available.

Morning Workout and Routine

As soon as that alarm gets your mind operating, get a morning routine going. As soon as you get out of bed get those endorphins running with a morning workout.

Then grab your protein filled breakfast, shower and get finish getting ready to tackle the day.

Avoid Napping

I feel like it goes without saying but avoid napping in the day. Make sure not to recharge your slumber cravings through the day, so that you can get to bed earlier thus making that morning wake up a bit easier on you the following day.

Nightly Routine

When it does come time for bed, make sure that you go to bed relaxed. I can't put enough emphasis on this. Just as a morning routine is essential to becoming a morning person, having a nightly routine is just as vital.

This was not only a game changer to my mornings but my sleep quality.

Get Ready For The Next Morning

Each night lay out the next day's clothing, pack your lunch for work, make sure your keys are in the same area – anything that you usually do in the mornings that can be done the night before helps you keep focused and ensures that you don't forget anything while you are adjusting to the new schedule.

Take Time To Relax

After getting ready for the following morning, take a warm bath to relax or read a book.

Turn down the lights, turn off the TV and make sure that you wear comfortable pajamas, not just a T-Shirt. Tell your body it's time for bed.

Getting a good night rest will make it easier to wake up, and keep you feeling refreshed all day.

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