Repairing Muscle Tissue with Protein

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The new protein powder you purchased says that it repairs muscle tissue; sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s actually not the powder doing the work; it is the protein.

So, in reality, any protein powder will repair muscle tissue after a hard work out. It is all done through the body’s natural process after working out.

The process is called Muscle Protein Synthesis, and it only occurs after you have put the muscles through exercise and resistance training.

What is protein synthesis?

Working out causes our muscles to stress, and tiny tears create in the muscle tissue.

After this, they enter the period of regrowth and strengthening. During this time, it is essential to aid muscle growth and reconstruction.

When we ingest protein enriched food the intestinal tract digests these and turns them into essential amino acids, that are then absorbed by the muscle tissue through the bloodstream, and the Muscle Protein Synthesis cycle begins.

How to optimize muscle protein synthesis?

Therefore, it is recommended to drink a protein-rich drink or eat a protein-rich meal to and to increase protein throughout the day to aid, quicken and enhance the synthesis.

Many will drink a protein shake before, during and after a workout to ensure that they are allowing the body to get the amount of protein needed at the right timing intervals to start the MPS process.

How many grams of protein to take?

Knowing how many grams of protein to take is also crucial.

The University of Birmingham study on the response rate of Muscle Protein Synthesis in men stated that those who dose 10 grams of whey protein had little to no effect in the process, men who dose 20 grams saw an increase of 49% and those who took a 40-gram dose saw an increase of 56%.

After this, the body will be eliminated by the liver.

According to the San Diego Center for Health connective tissue including muscles also sees an increase in the response rate of protein absorption when combined with Vitamin C, for this take your body weight multiplied by 10mg.

Bottom Line

It is also essential to make sure to rest the muscle tissue for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Why it is so important to not work for the same muscle groups several days in a row as the MPS is not increased by working out with less resting time.

Many say that it can cause problems with kidney functioning.

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