Lunch Habits Ruining Your Weight Loss

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Lunch can be the biggest obstacle in a weight loss journey. We are finding ourselves in that weight loss rut that we can’t seem to get past, and not recognizing that lunch is the main complication within our healthy weight journey.

Skipping lunch

Following the calories in calories out formula leads many to skip meals altogether. For many working through lunch is the easiest way throughout the day to reduce caloric intake, so we skip lunch altogether.

This is a misnomer in the fact that skipping meals lowers the metabolic rate of our bodies and increases fat storage within our cells. Instead, try prepping low-calorie meals before the week begins.

Another pitfall in most weight loss journeys is the fast food drive-thru when we are running errands on our lunch break.

CoWorker Luncheons

Often offices have catered food, luncheons, or pot lucks brought into the office. It can be a hazard to overall healthy eating for many reasons.

We are unaware of how most food is prepared, how large the serving sizes should be and how many calories are in each serving size.

We also are more likely to fill a plate to sample each item, and therefore run the risk of eating not just unhealthy portions but also eating unhealthy foods.

Going to eat with CoWorkers

It’s also easy to go out with coworkers for a sit-down lunch and order a favorite food instead of the salad or the baked salmon.

Many restaurants are now incorporating the calories in each meal, but these are easy to overlook and to compromise on the plans.


Hydration is essential when losing weight, not just hydration but water intake. Grabbing the low-calorie soda is often tempting and a stress-free way to trick the mind into thinking that we are getting the hydration that we need for weight loss.

When hydrating for weight loss make sure you drink ice water instead of lukewarm water. Ice water increases metabolism, while lukewarm water will increase hydration for those who are retaining water weight.

Not Prepping Meals

Weekly prepping of meals is essential to lunch habit success. Plan meals weekly, and prepare them a week in advance.

Grabbing a sandwich, vegetables or fruits from the vending machine in the breakroom is detrimental to your weight loss goals.

While this is a healthier alternative to not eating anything at all, the freshness of the variety available is unknown, and most foods in the vending machines are processed foods in one way or another.

Frozen Meals

Many use frozen meals from Lean Cuisine or Atkins to monitor their food intake, the issue with these options is that they are often put into a microwave, which cooks out all the nutrients from the food itself and then these are used more as a filler material rather than healthy nutrient intake.

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