Why Working Out Helps You Lose Fat

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Everyone at some point has this thought creeping in on a regular Tuesday: "I just want to stay home and watch Netflix today.

I will just do extra work out later this week or I will just have some extra vegetables with dinner”.

Every time we listen to that voice, it's harder to get off the couch and actually lose the weight we have been working so hard to lose.

Why is that workout so important though?

First, let’s understand two key points.

1. No Calories Out

One constant in any weight loss, weight training or physical training program is that a pound of fat weighs the same as 3500 calories. This is where the term calories in calories out has originated from.

I see so many people reduce their caloric intake in order to lose weight, but the sad truth is that when we do this we actually not only deplete fat but we deplete muscle weight at a higher rate, which is why we tend to gain weight quickly when we start eating again.

2. Make Room for Some Oxygen

Having an extensive cardio program will increase the rate at which oxygen flows through the muscle tissue and cells, so the body is able to use oxygen for the energy it needs instead of storing fat for energy to be used at a later time.

This is Where Exercise Comes in

When we increase our heart rate, we burn through the calories consumed throughout the day at a faster rate.

When combining cardio exercise with a health and wellness program that incorporates both eating a well-balanced diet consisting of proteins, carbs, and good fats along with exercising 3-5 days a week we optimize the loss of those extra pounds of fat.



You may likely not be losing actual weight, but instead, be losing fat and putting on muscle weight.

What can you do?

1. Try running, swimming, getting on a stationary bike, dancing, or an in-home cardio routine in order to really boost fat loss.

2. Try a weight training regimen. It increases the amount of energy needed for muscle weight, and the body will transition the energy from the stored fat cells to muscle tissue, which will also aid in losing fatty weight.

These Will Also Help Increase Metabolism

It’s important to point out that exercising also helps us keep focused. When we stick to our exercise routine it is much more likely that we are going to stick to a healthy meal program. Also, any emotional eating will eventually be curbed.

We owe this to the brain that releases endorphins when the body is working out on a daily basis and regulates your mood aka you’ll feel much happier.

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