3 Common Holiday Diet Destroyers

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If you are a fitness enthusiast, the holiday season can be a tricky part.

This is because it could wipe out a complete year’s worth of your fitness progress with the dinners, parties, stress and commitments that come in the few short weeks from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day.

If you don’t want to waste all those early morning runs and workout sessions, then you should check out the following holiday triggers that can take you away from your fitness mission.

1. Avoid the Baker Lady around You

We all know this one lady from the office who has an immense passion for baking, and every holiday season, she ends up bringing loads of baked items to the office.

Her dream of being the next Candice Brown or Nancy Birthwhistle may not come true, but it can affect your dream of staying fit and slim through the holiday season.

Try to control yourself as much as possible, especially when you have a mug of coffee, and you’re craving for a piece of chocolate lava cake.

Place motivational fitness quotes on your desk, so you don’t forget what you’ve been striving for. Just don’t ruin your efforts for someone’s passion for baking.

Lastly, if you feel it’s rude to say no to these baked cakes or cookies, limit yourself to one piece and then work out as soon as you get home.

2. The New Year’s Escape

The most common New Year’s resolutions include, “I’ll work on myself,” “I will lose weight,” “no more sugar,” or “I’ll be positive.”

But the problem is that people decide to work on their resolution from 1st of January, which means before the New Year they often engage in binge eating, which is not healthy.

Moreover, most people wait for New Year’s gym deals, but forget the fact that there is still a whole month left for the New Year to arrive, and for gyms to launch their deals.

Waiting for the New Year to start with your diet plan would only take you far away from your set goal, and you might end up losing weight at a much slower rate than what you had planned.

Stop delaying and start today. The rest will follow. Also, this way it is more likely that your New Year’s resolution will be successful.

3. Family Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about spreading love and being grateful for the family that you’re blessed with. And this event or gathering calls for a variety of dishes that are cooked according to everyone’s preferences.

While you should not avoid Thanksgiving dinner or lunch, you can fast before the feast. This way you can eat every single thing your mum and grandma made for you without any worry of gaining extra weight.

The Bottom Line

This holiday season eat every food, but in small portions, so you don’t feel full.

Also, try all your favorite foods, but in moderation. Stay focused, because if there is a will, there is a way.

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