9 Foods You Should Throw Out Today

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Like everyone, you must take care of leftover foods. But you might be ignoring some pantry items that have been there for too long. Whenever you start throwing away stuff that is in your kitchen, you do get confused.

For example, the bottle of herbs you bought a few months ago must be good enough to keep, right? We will clear all your confusions. Here is the list of foods you need to throw out today.


If your loaf of bread has expired today, but has no signs of mold, chances are you’ll use it. But, you should not. The mold has already started growing on your loaf, but you may not see.

DO NOT think that it’s okay to eat the rest of the bread if there is a little mold on a slice. The mold has started spreading on the entire loaf; it’s just that you can’t see it now.

Frozen Items

Yes, your freezer is supposed to keep your items preserved for a long time. But you can’t keep stuff in your freezer forever. If you see your frozen items are excessively crystallizing, you should let them go.

When your food has lots of ice crystals in it, it loses its nutritional value for sure and might taste bland.

Old Spices, Herbs, and Seasonings

Most of you don’t throw away dry ingredients easily. Spices and seasonings that have clumps or stick to the jar must be thrown out. Sniff your spices, herbs, and seasoning.

If they smell strong, keep them. If there is hardly any smell, there’s no point in keeping them. Herbs that look washed out, grey or yellow have passed their shelf life.

Expired or Separated Condiments and Sauces

You must have a few condiments or sauces that you use less and they may have expired. Toss them away.

See if any condiment or sauce has started to separate, it’s time to separate them from your kitchen.

Baking Powder and Baking Soda

Baking powder and baking soda should be used within six months. If they have been lying in your cupboard for long, discard them. Baking powder has a lower shelf life than baking soda.

You must check it if it’s four to five months old. Best way to check both is to add a teaspoon in 1/3 cup of water. If you see vigorous bubbling, you can still keep them.

Yeast and Meat that Smells

Once you open a packet of yeast, it can be used for up to four months, only if you refrigerate or freeze it. If you see a used packet of yeast in your shelf or cupboard, toss it away.

Dry yeast doesn’t remain fresh for more than five to six months, even if it is frozen.

If your meat has been properly kept in cold storage and still smells bad, toss it away.

Canned Foods

Toss away those cans, if they have been sitting for over a year or two. If you have canned foods for a few months, see if there’s any bulge.

Cans with bulges indicate the production of gas, which spoils the food


Can coffee go bad? Yes, it can. Grounded coffee is good for up to three or four months after being opened. Toss away the old coffee after four months.

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